Beware of the Swamp Lands

I was driving around a park in Toney, Alabama.  The park was built on top of swamp land, so the ground is soft.  Also, it has been raining the past few weeks, which made the area even worse.

I parked by the playground and Mom got out to smoke a cigarette.  We were chatting and I was playing on the swings.  After a few minutes, we decided to leave.  However, my Jeep was stuck.

I tried everything to get it out, but was not successful.  After 30 minutes, I called AAA and a tow truck arrived to help me.  However, the tow truck driver also got stuck.

He tried to free the Jeep, but to no avail.  Then he went to work on his truck.  The ground was so soft, that everything just sunk deeper into the dirt.  He even used concrete blocks, but the blocks just ended up being imbedded into the ground.  I was thinking, this is like trying to get out of quicksand.

The tow truck driver had to call for another tow truck, in order to get himself out of the mud.

Three hours later, we finally were able to leave that park.  We called Gwen to let her know we were on the way home and she volunteered to make spaghetti for dinner.  It was nice to have a warm meal after that ordeal.

The whole situation was historically funny and I will probably be laughing about this for the rest of the week.  There is also an important life lesson in all of this, “Beware of swamp lands.”

Adventure in Scottsboro, Alabama

Mom and I went to Scottsboro, Alabama, yesterday.  It takes about an hour to get there, so this was just a day trip.

Our first stop was the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  As you can probably guess from the name, this store sells unclaimed baggage (including all of the contents) from the airlines.

It was interesting to see what kind of stuff was lost by random travelers.  However, shopping at the store was a lot like shopping at a thrift store.  In the end, I am still glad I went to see it.

For lunch, we decided to try a local place.  The decor at Payne’s is designed to look like an old style dinner.

I didn’t see the restaurant score card when we first walked into the place, but I assumed it would be a safe place to eat.  Well, that was a mistake.

I ended up with a hair on my sandwich, so I glanced back at the cooking staff and noticed they were not wearing any hair nets or hats.  They did have on gloves, but they walked away from the cooking station, handled the phone, made change at the register, and then went back to cooking without changing their gloves.

I decided to wonder through the restaurant and found out their score is 89, which is considered poor.

We left the dinner and drove around the old part of town.  I found an abandoned feed mill and stopped to look around the place.  I enjoy exploring abandoned buildings of any kind, so this was right up my ally.

After exploring the feed mill, Mom and I decided it was time to head back home.

I got on the highway and my Jeep started warning me about low tire pressure.  I told Mom about it and decided we would air up the tire when we got back home.  Unfortunately, the Jeep started flashing the tire pressure warning gage.  The pressure in the front passenger side tire was decreasing at a rapid rate and we needed to get off the road immediately.  I pulled into the Krystal’s parking lot and called AAA.


I got my spare tire put on the Jeep and was able to make it home without any further issues.

The day did not go as planned, yet I still think we both enjoyed the road trip.  We just laughed and talked about all the crazy things that happened along the way.

I have to say our visit to Scottsborro, Alabama, was an adventure.