Honesty of Children

I was at the doctor’s office.  There was a woman with her young son sitting across from me in the waiting room.  The poor little fellow was not happy and he made sure everyone knew about his distress.  That got me thinking.

As adults, we often hide our pain and our true emotions.  We say we are fine, even if we are in great distress.  We are often afraid to ask for help, because we might appear to be week or needy.  We will suffer in silence, instead of asking for help.

However when children are hurting, physically or emotionally, they will seek out help.  Children will immediately look for the people that love them and express their discomfort.  Children are honest about their feelings and I admire them for that.


Adult Coloring

I have several friends that enjoy coloring mandalas and other designs found in adult coloring books.  Their art work always looked amazing, so I decided to try it.

I found the experience fun and relaxing.  I enjoyed figuring out how I was going to decorate each piece, and at times I was surprised by the finished product.

Adult coloring is a great hobby.  You can do it just about anywhere.  You don’t need any special skills.  Also, it doesn’t require a lot of money.



Not Keeping Score

I believe the trend of not keeping score at children’s sporting events is doing more harm than good.  Playing team sports teaches children valuable life lessons and keeping score has a major role in teaching these lessons.

  1.  Keeping score teaches children the benefits of hard work.  If everyone receives the same reward, no matter how hard they try, it takes away the incentive to put forth their best effort.
  2. Failure is a fact of life and children need to learn how to lose.  It’s much easier to learn the basics of overcoming defeat as a child on the playing field then as an adult in the work force.
  3. Children also need to learn how to win.  Personality goes a long way in the world.  If you are an obnoxious brat, employers will not want to keep you around.  You must learn to be a gracious winner.

It’s important for children to learn these lessons and life skills before they become an adult.