Famous People Born in Alabama

I have lived in Alabama for thirty years, so it’s my home now.

The other day, I was wondering about famous people from Alabama.  I did a little research and come up with an interesting list.

  • Rosa Parks
  • Lionel Richie 
  • Robin Roberts 
  • Hank Aaron 
  • Helen Keller
  • Harper Lee
  • Charles Barkley 
  • Tim Cook
  • Bo Jackson
  • Carl Lewis 
  • Tom Joyner
  • Joe Louis 
  • Nat King Cole
  • Willie Mays
  • Condoleezza Rice
  • Hank Williams Sr.
  • Evander Holyfield 
  • Felicia Day
  • Jim Nabors




sources:  Jared Boyd (AL.com) and Wikipedia.com

World’s Largest Jukebox

Gwen and I decided to check out the world’s largest functioning jukebox, which is located in Huntsville, Alabama.  It’s 22 feet tall and built on the side of a building.

The jukebox has inferred cameras and songs are played based on where people stand on the sidewalk.  It was cool that we didn’t have to pay to listen to the music; however, getting it to play a specific song was a bit cumbersome.

We stood on the sidewalk, listening to the music, and laughing about the whole thing.  It was an interesting thing to experience.

The Veteran Memorial Fountains


The Veteran Memorial Fountains is a beautiful park in Huntsville, Alabama. 

The flowing water symoolizes the blood which has been spilled defunding our nation’s freedom.  The Freedom Fountain reminds us that this is a living tribute to all veterans and gives the sense of life, liberty, and freedom springing forth from a grateful community.  (source: Memorial stone at the park)

Civil War – Battle for a Ferry

The Coosa River passes through Ohatchee, Alabama.  During the Civil War there was a ferry station in Ohatchee that was used to move supplies for the Confederate Army.

Part of the Northern Army had just taken Decatur, Alabama, which is located on the banks of the Tennessee River.  It also had a railroad passing through the city and a developed highway.  Decatur was a vital transportation hub at the time.

Their next battle was in Ohatchee.  They took control of the ferry and crippled transportation options going through Alabama.  It was a small battle, but it was also a devastating blow to the Confederate Army.


Blue sitting beside the Coosa River in Ohatchee, Alabama.