Making Friends at Mac Resource Store

I had to take my laptop to Mac Resource Store, because I accidentally got droplets of glue from a spray can on the keyboard.  When I picked up my laptop, I was still wearing my bandages from the surgery.

The employee that helped me checkout is named Eric and he asked about the bandages.  That’s how we got to talking about ear surgeries.  Turns out, Eric also has hearing loss and he got a BAHA implant a few years ago.  We talked a little bit about the surgery and other surgeries.  We both had mastoidectomies done and we have even seen some of the same doctors.

I had a great time talking with Eric, because I don’t know anyone who has undergone similar surgeries as me.  When I get the outer processor for the BAHA, I am going to visit Eric again, so we can compare thoughts on the device.

It may sound funny, but I am kind of glad I messed up my keyboard.  I got to meet a great person that I can relate to in a way I have never done before.



New Computer Update

I considered buying an Apple years ago, but was afraid the transition would be cumbersome.  However, it was much easier than I expected.

I set up my new Apple MacBook Pro and transferred my files from the old laptop to the new computer.  I also spent time exploring the software on my computer, which seems to be more user friendly than the Microsoft version.

All I can say is “Wow!”



Conversion Experience

I have had a conversion experience.

It all started last night when my laptop died.  It has been sick for a few months now, so its demise was not unexpected.  The laptop is only two years old, but now it is just a piece of junk.

I searched computer and laptop ratings online and Apple was consistently rated number one for reliability.

I know several people that own Apple computers and they love them.

I decided to make the switch.  I bought my new laptop today and this will be my first blog post using an Apple computer.