Pretending to be Deaf for Chinese Food

A few years ago, I was recovering from a severe respiratory infection, sinus infection, and ear infection.  This cocktail of infection had also caused me to get laryngitis.  I basically felt like I was dying.

For some reason, I had a craving for Chinese food.  I drove down to a local Chinese restaurant and was trying to place an order.  I couldn’t speak, so I was using hand jesters to communicate with the server.

To make things worse, the server had a very strong accent.  I am hearing impaired, so the accent mixed wth my hearing impairment, which was made worse by an ear infection, made it extremely difficult to understand what he was saying.

I lady in the restaurant was watching all this and decided to help.  She told the server, “I think she’s deaf.”  The lady knew a little sign language and tried to communicate with me.

I am fluent in American Sign Language and I was getting frustrated with my whole situation, so I went with it.  I pretended to be deaf and started signing to the lady.  She then communicated what I said to the server and I was able to get my food.

I admit to feeling a bit ashamed of my actions that day.  However, sometimes you just have a craving for Chinese food and you do what you got to do.