Be a Transparent Writer


Why is being transparent vital for a writer?

  • When you are transparent in your writing, the readers can feel it.
  • They know you are being real with them.
  • They can see your failures and your successes.
  • They can find motivation and inspiration in your writing.
  • They can relate to you as a writer and as a human being.

If you know of other reasons why transparency is important, please share them in the comment section.




Plan Your Blog – A Book Review


I just finished reading “A Practical Guide to Plan Your Blog” by Jo and Dale Reardon, which explains how to start a blog.  The book focuses on how to determine your audience, keyword optimization, blog host sites, naming your blog, and scheduling your post.

The book was not overly technical, thus easy to read.  I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about starting a blog or to anyone who is new to the blogging world.

I give it an A