The Art of War for Writers


The information in this book is broken down into three main sections.

  1. Reconnaissance – How to build a foundation for success.
  2. Tactics – How to improve your writing skills.
  3. Strategy – How to publish your book. 

I recommend this book to anyone interested in improving their writing skills or in publishing a book.  It’s full of practical advice for writers at every level,  and it was fun to read.

An Author and Embezzler

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William Sydney Porter (O. Henry) was an interesting individual.  He was born in the mid 1800’s, wrote numerous short stores, traveled the United States, and spent time in jail for embezzlement.

His most famous story is “The Gift of the Magi.”  The story is about a poor married couple. Both the husband and the wife wanted to give their partner a very special christmas gift.

The wife had long glowing hair, which caused her complexion to radiate.  She cut off her hair and sold it to buy a chain for her husband’s pocket watch.  The pocket watch was a prized possession and had been handed down for generations.

The husband was unaware of what his wife was planning, so he pawned the pocket watch to buy expensive tortoise shell combs for his wife.

I just finished reading “Stories by O. Henry.”  Each of his stories contain some kind of weird twist.  He also writes from a wide variety of perspectives.  The narrator of the story could be male, female, a dog, or even a ten dollar bill.

O. Henry was an author, an embezzler, and an interesting character.

Writers Talking About Writers


The book, “Writers on Writers” contains quotes from famous writers discussing other famous writers.  I must say, a lot of what they said was rather harsh.  However, the book was interesting and funny.

My favorite quotes from the book:

  • Marry Russell Mitford talking about Jane Austen – Mamma says, she was then the prettiest, silliest, most affected husband-hunting butterfly, she ever remembers.
  • Mark Twain talking about James Fenimore Cooper – Cooper’s art has some defeats.  In one place in “Deerslayer,” and in the restricted space of two-thirds of a page, Cooper has scored 114 offenses against literary art out of a possible 115.  It breaks the record.
  • Oscar Wilde talking about George Meredith – As a writer, he has mastered everything except language; as a novelist he can do everything, except tell a story; as an artist he is everything except articulate.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche talking about Dante Alighieri – A hyena that wrote poetry in tombs.
  • Cyril Connolly talking about George Orwell – He would not blow his nose without moralizing on the state of the handkerchief industry.

Favorite Author

Someone asked me the other day, “Who is your favorite author?”

I thought about it for a minute and I don’t have a favorite author.  That sounds weird, since I love to read.

I read all kinds of books.  I enjoy the classics, popular novels, history, science, psychology, religion, economics, personal development, and even financial management books.

What do you think?  Am I just weird?  Do you have a favorite author?

Thanks Gwen

I want to publicly thank Gwen for all her help today.  She spent the whole day with me at the Southern Authors Expo.  Gwen helped set up the table, sell books, and load all our gear back into the Jeep at the end of the day.  She worked hard and never complained.

Thanks Gwen for all your help.  You made my day at the Expo enjoyable and successful.


Southern Authors Expo


I am excited about the Southern Authors Expo this Saturday.  I will be there selling my book Hodgepodge Writings.

If you are in the area, please come to the expo.  I would greatly appreciate your support.  Also, let me now if you are one of my blog followers.  I would love to have the opportunity to meet some of you guys.

The Expo will be at the following address:

915 Monroe Street
Huntsville AL, 35801

Date:  10 September 2016

Time:  10am to 4pm