Improvised Dog Bed

Baby Ben is a Great Pyrenees and weighs 125 pounds.  Since he had knee surgery, I decided he needed a new bed.  However, finding a dog bed for him was not easy.  I ended up buying a twin size mattress and put some cute dog sheets on it.


Ben loves his new bed.

Get Well Soon Baby Ben

Baby Ben had knee surgery a couple weeks ago.  He is a Great Pyrenees, so he is prone to having joint problems.  This is the second time he has had knee surgery.

The surgery was rather extensive and it will take six to eight weeks for Baby Ben to make a full recovery.  However, he is handling it like a champ.

He took all of his antibiotic medications without any problems.  The first week he wasn’t allowed to climb on furniture and had to sleep on a dog bed like a common dog (oh the horror of it all).  Anyway, he didn’t fuss that much about it and now he is back to sleeping on couches and regular human beds.

They took the staples out of his leg a couple of days ago, and the veterinarian was pleased with Ben’s progress.

You are doing great Baby Ben!

Anthropomorphized my Dogs

I got to wondering what my dogs would be like as people.  This is what I came up with.

Ben is a Great Pyrenees and the laziest dog I have ever seen.  I think Ben would be a mid-level office worker that spends all his free time watching T.V.


Blue is an Australian Cattle Dog.  He would make a wonderful drill sergeant, because he loves barking out orders and telling everyone where they should be going.


Joey is a Labrador/Pyrenees mix.  He is hyperactive, stubborn, and goofy.  I can picture Joey as an excellent high school P.E. teacher.


Norton is a terrier mix.  He may be the smallest dog in our family, but his brothers never mess with him.  He has a big attitude.  I think Norton would be a successful politician.


Buddy is a Rottweiler/Beagle mix.  He is all about fairness.  In fact, if Buddy sees one of his brothers being mean to another brother he will jump into action and defend the one being wronged.  That’s why I think Buddy would be a social worker.


Dog Park Disaster

Gwen and I decided to take Joey, Ben, Buddy, and Blue to the dog park.

All of our dogs are well trained.  Joey earned the Canine Good Citizen Certification from the American Kennel Club.  Blue is in advanced classes.  Ben and Buddy are at the intermediate level.

However, sometimes they act like a pack of wild crazy dogs that have never had a day of training in their lives.  Today was one of those days.

  • They were involved in several disagreements with the other dogs.
  • Joey got into a fight.
  • Three of the boys managed to escape the park and create a ruckus by running around and barking at a group of people with their dogs.

Due to their behavior, we had to leave the park early.  The boys still managed to have a great time and are rather pleased with themselves.

Oh well, they are cute and we still love them.