What is it about books?

What is it about books?  All my life, I have felt drawn to them.  When I walk into a library or a bookstore, I stare with wide eyed amazement.  It makes my soul happy to see all those books.

I enjoy reading fiction.  There are so many stories waiting to be read.  Books are full of adventure, mystery, joy, and even sadness.  The characters become my friends.  It’s as if they are sitting right in front of me and telling me their stories.

I also enjoy reading non-fiction.  Books are full of wisdom and knowledge.  They are waiting to impart that wisdom and knowledge to me.

There are so many wonderful books.  I want to read them all.  What’s a bibliophile to do?

Reed Bookstore – Birmingham, Alabama

Reed Books is a bookstore owned by Jim Reed and is located in downtown Birmingham, Alabama.  It is more than just an antique book store, it is also a museum of cultural artifacts.

When I first walked in the door, my jaw dropped and my eyes started to bulge out of my head.  I was speechless.

I could spend an entire day at this bookstore.  However, this is not a place I should be allowed to go unsupervised with a credit card.  The results could be disastrous.

Are You a Bibliophile?

According to the Oxford dictionary, a bibliophile is “a person who collects or has a great love of books.”

You may be a bibliophile if:

  1. When you walk into a bookstore, your facial expressions resemble that of a kid in a candy store.
  2. Your friends confiscate your credit card before you enter a bookstore, for your own protection.
  3. You have ever spent time in a library just looking at the rows and rows of books.
  4. Your favorite vacation destination is the Library of Congress.
  5. You haven’t seen any of the popular movies that everybody is talking about, but you read the books.
  6. As a child you wanted to grow up and become a librarian.
  7. You have books hidden all over you house, but still feel an overwhelming desire to buy more books.
  8. The quote “I cannot live without books,” by Thomas Jefferson is your personal mantra.

If you can think of any warning signs that I missed, please let me know in the comment section.