Dealing with Binge Eating

Dealing with binge eating disorder is not easy, but there are things you can do to help with your urges to binge.

  • Therapy 
  • Take time to relax 
  • Take time to have fun
  • Forgive yourself 
  • Exercise 
  • Read self-help books
  • Find a support group 
  • Talk to a nutritionist 
  • Stay away from fad diets 
  • Avoid temptation 
  • Focus on why you are eating 
  • Focus on what you are eating 
  • Get enough sleep 
  • Ask for help


Binge Eating Disorder

I suffer with binge eating disorder. I feel like my mind and my body are not communicating.  I eat until I am so full that I am in pain; however, my brain is screaming for more food.

I finally talked to my doctor about it yesterday.  He gave me some information about binge eating disorder.  I learned the disorder has a genetic component and research shows people with the disorder tend to have a chemical imbalance in the brain.

The doctor developed a treatment plan for me and gave me a follow-up appointment.  I believe working with my doctor and attending the Celebrate Recovery meetings will allow me to finally beat this disorder.