Overcoming Adversity


Diet Eman was a young lady when the Nazi’s invaded the Netherlands.

In her book, Diet describes her emotions as she watched the enemy take over her country and commit numerous atrocities.  She talks about her desire to do whatever she could to fight back against the enemy.

Diet became a member of the resistance and helped find safe places for Jews, as well as other people wanted by the Nazi’s.  She willingly risked her life and ended up spending time in a concentration camp.

Her story is like an emotional roller coster ride, filled with triumphs and tragedy.  It is a shinning example of how we can all over come adversity.

Andrew Jackson


This biography of Andrew Jackson is well written and fun to read.  The following quotes sum up what the book had to say about Andrew Jackson.

  • Jackson believed in the common man, not the elite.  His presidency supported democracy as he believed it was meant to be practiced, not as the province of the rich and powerful, but as the birthright of ordinary people.
  • He used his veto power without qualm, vetoing more bills than had all the previous presidents combined.  He opposed legislation which threatened slavery, supported the availability of cheap public lands, and refused to recognize the judgement of the Supreme Court regarding the rights of Native American tribes.

Jesse Owens – Respect


The book Jesse Owens World’s Fastest Human is a part of the Alabama Roots Biography Series.

After reading the book, I gained a greater respect for Jesse Owens.  He was born in rural Alabama and lived in poverty during his childhood.

He grew up in Ohio, was able to attend a local high school, and was on the track team.  However, he was not allowed to eat or use the same facilities as his teammates.

At Ohio State University, Jesse Owens was the star of the university track team.  He broke numerous records and helped the school become national contenders in the sport.  In spite of all his success, the team would not allow him to eat with the white students and the university refused to allow Jesse the opportunity to live in the dorm.

To his credit, Jesse never allowed his impoverished background or the daily discrimination to stop him from achieving his goals.

He also refused to allow the Nazi propaganda to stop him from achieving his dream of winning a gold medal in the Olympics.  In fact, Jesse Owens won several gold medals and shattered world records at the Olympic games in Berlin, Germany, in 1936.

I respect Jesse Owens for his tenacity, bravery, and discipline.


The Wright Brothers – A Book Review


Fred Kelly wrote, “The Wright Brothers:  A Biography.”  In the book he discussed:

  • Their childhood
  • Their parents
  • Their bicycle business
  • The building process of their first airplane
  • The public’s reaction
  • The Smithsonian controversy
  • European popularity
  • How each brother spent their final days

The book was well written and full of interesting information.  I give the book an A-