Spring Break 2017 – Pensacola, Florida

We went to Pensacola for spring break this year and our favorite part of the trip was the Pensacola Lighthouse Museum.

Gwen and I climbed to the top of the lighthouse.  We walked up 177 steps (similar to walking up 12 flights of stairs).  Also, the staircase was narrow with holes in each step, so you could see all the way to the bottom while walking back down the stairs.

Museum Photos

Lighthouse View

Congratulations – We Did It

Beach Photos


Bird Photos


Trees and Plants


Hanging Out at the Hotel and Other Random Photos


It was a great trip, but we are all glad to be back home.

Bird Watching


I enjoy bird watching.  I like to sit and watch birds as they are flying overhead.  I also like to use binoculars to spy on them, while they are going about their daily routines.  I think birds are fascenating creatures with a unique perspective on their environment.

Birds spend time on the ground and see things with a simular view point as me.  However, they also take flight and have the ability to look down on the ground.  Their view is unencumbered by any machinery that I would need to accomplish the same task.

The birds dart about in the sky, with no thought of what it is like to be bound to the ground.

They are the royalty of the wild blue yonder.