Worse Picnic Ever

Last summer, my family went to Lanier Lake for a picnic.  The weather was nice.  We ate hotdogs and played catch.  However, it was not an idyllic summer picnic.

I managed to jam a finger.  My finger swelled and I could not bend it.  It also hurt like the dickens.

Later on, I was trying to eat my hotdog with a swollen finger and sitting by the lake.  All of a sudden, a bird flying overhead decided to poop.  I ended up with bird poop all over my lap.  Talk about disgusting.

It was the worse picnic of my life.  However, the food was good and we had something to laugh about for several weeks.

It was the worse picnic of my life, but it was also a great picnic.


Bird Watching


I enjoy bird watching.  I like to sit and watch birds as they are flying overhead.  I also like to use binoculars to spy on them, while they are going about their daily routines.  I think birds are fascenating creatures with a unique perspective on their environment.

Birds spend time on the ground and see things with a simular view point as me.  However, they also take flight and have the ability to look down on the ground.  Their view is unencumbered by any machinery that I would need to accomplish the same task.

The birds dart about in the sky, with no thought of what it is like to be bound to the ground.

They are the royalty of the wild blue yonder.

Mosquito Sanctuary

During fall break, I took my niece (Gwen) to Dauphin Island.  We had a great time exploring the island, taking a boat ride, and hanging out on the beach.

There is an Audubon bird sanctuary on the island.  We decided to visit the sanctuary with my cousin Thomas, who was also vacationing on the island.  It started out well, but ended in disaster.

We were walking along and looking for the birds, all of a sudden we were swarmed by mosquitoes.  The swarm was so thick that it looked like a black fog surrounding us.

We took off running as fast as we could.  Thomas was in the lead and I could see the swarm following him.  I looked down at my dog, Blue, and he too was covered by the black fog of mosquitoes.

We finally made it out of the woods and back to our camper.  Thomas was still in the lead, followed by Gwen, and I was bringing up the rear with Blue beside me.

I started yelling at Thomas and Gwen, “Grab the spray!”  However, both of them ran past the bug spray on the picnic table and went straight into the camper.

When I reached the picnic table, I grabbed the can of bug spray and started spraying myself and randomly into the air.

Eventually, the swarm dissipated and we sat around examining the aftermath of the mosquito attack.

Gwen and Thomas were covered in bug bites.  They had so many bites it looked like both of them had the chicken pox.

We decided the Audubon Bird Sanctuary should really be called the Audubon Mosquito Sanctuary.