Cold Spell Confusion


The local meteorologist  is predicting a cold spell this weekend.  He even used a blue icy-wind graphic to drive home his point.  However, I am confused.

Admittedly, it will be cooler on Saturday.  It just seems a bit dramatic to use the term cold spell and graphics with blue icy-winds.  The coldest day will be in the upper 50’s and it’s still February.

Maybe the meteorologist has a different definition of cold than I do.  What do you think?

Biohazard Home


My mom has been sick for a week.  Last night, I took her to the ER and she was admitted to the hospital.  She is a very sick woman.

My niece is also sick.  She is congested, coughing, fatigued and nauseous.  Poor Gwen has to stay home from school today, because of her illness.

I decided to post a sign on our door to warn people that this house is full of biological contaminates.

I am very grateful for Jennifer Miller.  She is working hard to get this place cleaned for us.  I really needed her help this week.