Happy Birthday Buddy

Buddy and his siblings had been abandoned as new born puppies.  They were taken to a veterinarian hospital in Mobile, Alabama.  The puppies received medical treatment and care until they were old enough to be adopted.

Gwen’s dog T-Bone had recently passed away and she missed having a canine companion.  Arrangements were made for Buddy to be transported to Huntsville, Alabama.

Buddy has become a wonderful friend and companion to Gwen.  He also gets along great with the other Thaler dogs.  Buddy is friendly, caring, energetic, and intelligent.  He is a wonderful dog and is loved by everyone.

Today, Buddy turns 3 years old.  Of course we had a special doggy birthday cake and all of the dogs got a new toy.

Happy Birthday Buddy

Writing Companion


Blue likes to watch me writing and he willingly spends hours by my side as I work.  The other dogs will go in and out of the room, but Blue will stay the longest.  He was even late for dinner a few times, because he was reluctant to leave me.

I have been known to talk to Blue about ideas for my book, my blog, and even about my dissertation.  I ramble on and on about a whole host of weird thoughts, but Blue always watches me intently.  He even wiggles his behind, as if he is excited about my ideas.

Blue is my constant writing companion.