Scotty McCreery Concert

Mom is a Scotty McCreery fan, so she bought tickets for all of us to go to his concert.

For several weeks preceding the concert, she gave me strict instructions not to do any stunts or activities that might result in injury.

Actually she said, “Don’t do anything stupid.”

Anyway, I managed to not injure myself this week and we all went to the concert.  Everyone had a great time.

Scotty McCreery is an excellent singer and performer.

Never to Old to Rock and Roll

I came across a news article about two elderly German men that escaped from a nursing home in order to attend a heavy metal concert.

When the nursing home realized the gentlemen were missing, they called the police.  The police located both men at the concert at 3:00 in the morning and drove them back to the facility in a police car.

My first reaction – I want to be like those guys when I am old.

I want to still have the desire to escape in the night, to attend concerts, to feel wild, to bend rules, to express my individuality, to cause trouble, and to make people shake their heads in wonder.