Stealing From Construction Sites

About 20 years ago, I was standing around after church and talking to a couple of older ladies.  The conversation went kind of like this:

Older Lady Number 1:  I watched a news special last night about people stealing from construction sites.

Older Lady Number 2:  That’s horrible.

Me:  My great aunt does that.

Older Lady Number 1:  What, the news?

Me:  No, steals from construction sites.

Me:  She was arrested a few weeks ago for stealing a toilet, so she could remodel her bathroom.  She’s already on parole, but because of her age, they probably will not send her to prison.

Old Lady Number 1 and Number 2, just stare at me with a blank look in their eyes and are completely speechless.

That was the end of our conversation.


Always Say the Right Thing – A Book Review



The book “Always Say the Right Thing,” was written by Trevor Poulin.  It teaches the reader how to improve their communication and conversational skills.

The book is short, but packed full of helpful information.  I really enjoyed reading it.

I give this book an A+

Always Know What to Say – A Book Review


I am not a great conversationalist.  Sometimes I struggle with how to initiate or conclude a conversation, so I decided to read “Always Know What to Say” by Peter Murphy.

The book did contain several really good suggestions and even laid out some exercises that are designed to improve your conversational skills.  I wish the author went into more detail on his main points, because it did seem a bit rushed at times.

I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it.  I give this book a B+