Cowboy Church

The Cowboy Church movement is designed to reach a certain people group, which has its own cultural norms.

This church building was located in a barn, which is in the middle of a working ranch.  Right outside the door of the church was an Australian Cattle Dog and a horse.

Their belief system is typical for a Christian church.  The main difference is in how they package it and teach the members to apply it to their  own life.

The Southerner’s Handbook


If you want to know more about life and culture in the southern states or if you plan to visit the area and don’t want to look like a tourist, then I would recommend The Southerner’s Handbook.

The book will teach you how to:

  • cook Southern foods, like grits and okra
  • properly care for a cast-iron skillet
  • find the perfect pair of cowboy boots
  • sharpen a knife
  • shoot a moving target
  • build a rope swing
  • plant a garden
  • dance a two-step
  • party Mardi Gras style