Pennies on the Bathroom Floor

In 2012, I decided to use pennies to tile my bathroom floor.

It took a little over 5,000 pennies to cover the floor.  The pennies were covered by a two-part epoxy-resin to seal them and provide a shiny finish.

All the pennies are face up and facing the same direction.  In case you are wondering, the pennies are facing away from the toilet, so Abraham Lincoln is not watching using the bathroom.  After all, privacy is important.

Floor 1         Floor 2   Penny Floor 1    Penny Floor 2

Creative Reasons to Call in Sick

Creative Reasons to Call in Sick

  1. Spring fever 
  2. Winter blues
  3. Zombie bite
  4. Hit by a deer
  5. Caffeine withdrawal 
  6. Injured by falling out of bed
  7. Indigestion due to overeating 
  8. Hiccups
  9. Vitamin D deficiency must spend the day at the beach
  10. Legs fell asleep and cannot walk
  11. Hair emergency roots are showing 
  12. Poisoned by a family member
  13. Wii elbow

What are some other reasons for calling in sick?  Share your ideas in the comment section.

Never to Old to Rock and Roll

I came across a news article about two elderly German men that escaped from a nursing home in order to attend a heavy metal concert.

When the nursing home realized the gentlemen were missing, they called the police.  The police located both men at the concert at 3:00 in the morning and drove them back to the facility in a police car.

My first reaction – I want to be like those guys when I am old.

I want to still have the desire to escape in the night, to attend concerts, to feel wild, to bend rules, to express my individuality, to cause trouble, and to make people shake their heads in wonder.