Dumpster Diving

Do you ever wonder what stores like Staples or Best Buy throw into the trash?  I do, which is why I decided to go dumpster diving.  I found all sorts of interesting things, but most of the items were not worth the effort to salvage.

However, I did find an “EXIT” sign.  The outer frame was in great condition, but the red letters were cracked.  I took the frame home, cleaned it, removed the broken letters, and replaced them with red construction paper.  Then I hung it up over my garage door.

I think it looks pretty cool.

Holding a Snake

I was wondering what it would be like to hold a snake.  I went to Animal Trax in Madison, Alabama, because they specialize in reptiles.

I talked with the store clerk about why someone would want to have a pet snake.  They don’t interact with their owners much and they just seem to hang out in their cages all day.  The clerk gave me a list of reasons, but I still don’t see the attraction.

She let me hold an adult Ball Python, because they tend to be docile.  The first thing I noticed was the skin felt smooth and soft.  The snake is also strong and muscular.  I could feel the muscles contracting and relaxing as the snake wrapped around my hand and started to slide up my arm.

I thanked the store clerk, bought some dog treats, and headed home.  It was an interesting experience.