The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury


Ray Bradbury’s book The Illustrated Man was published in 1951, and it is considered a classic.

The book is about a man whose body is covered in magical tattoos.  The tattoos move and  play out stores of various people living in the future.

Each chapter of the book contains a science-fiction story, in which technology has a massive impact on human behavior.  The characters for each story relatable, even if you end up hating them.

The stories often have surprise endings that may leave you feeling baffled or dejected.  Despite the dismal endings and the pessimistic feelings aroused by the stories, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book.

Ten Printers Please

I went to Staples today, because I am thinking about buying a new printer.  I found a basic printer (HP brand) for $33.99 and I was impressed by the low cost.  The printer comes with everything you need, including a set of ink cartridges.

I was about ready to buy the printer and decided to find out how much it will cost to buy replacement ink cartages.  It cost $51.99 to buy a set of cartridges for the printer.

That just boggles my mind.  It would be cheaper to replace the printer whenever it runs out of ink than to buy new ink.

Maybe I will just buy 10 printers and be done with it.