Lost Sock Theory

Have you ever lost a sock?  Have you every wondered what happened to all those lost socks?  I have a few theories:

  • They were abducted by one footed aliens.
  • They went through the lint trap, which created a vortex and ended up in an alternate universe, where people find strange socks they don’t own in their dryer.
  • The spinning of the dryer created a paranormal suction and they are stuck in inter-dimensional space.
  • Kids used the socks to make puppets and buried the evidence in the yard.
  • Dogs used the socks as chew toys and buried the evidence in the yard.
  • The dryer gave the socks as an offering to the God of Appliances.
  • The socks ran away to live the single life.
  • The socks ran off in protest of stinky feet.

Do you have any theories as to where all the missing socks have gone?

Lost Sock Cartoon.jpg

Murphy’s Law Decided to Visit

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about our washing machine breaking and about our shopping experience.

Our new washing machine was delivered Monday afternoon and our dryer died Monday night.  Tuesday I went to Lowe’s and purchased a new dryer.

This morning we wake up and the house feels like a sauna.  The air conditioning unit is turned on, but it isn’t doing anything.  I am not sure if the unit is completely dead or if the repair man can revive it.  We are still waiting on the verdict.

In one week our washing machine died, our dryer died, and our AC unit is in critical condition.

Murphy decided to visit my family and smack us in the head with a giant bat.

Felt Like a Hero

Our dryer started acting crazy.  It was getting hot, but didn’t dry the clothes.  I have zero handyman skills, so my first inclination was to buy a new dryer.

My mom and I discussed the issue.  Mom noticed there hasn’t been any lint coming out of the dryer lately.  She suggested there might be a clog in the dryer.  That seemed like a logical idea, so I decided to make an attempt at repairing the dryer.

I went into the laundry room and pulled the dryer out from the wall.  I used a screwdriver to loosen some screws on a metal round piece that was holding an aluminum foil looking hose thing to the dryer, but it wasn’t clogged.

I pulled the lint screen thing out of the top and used a long skinny hose attached to the vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the dryer.  I shoved the hose all the way down into the machine and jammed it all around to make sure it cleared any possible blockages.

After I finished, I put the hose thing back on the machine and put it back up against the wall.  My mom took a load of clothes from the washing machine and put them into the dryer to see if it would work.

Much to my surprise and amazement, the dryer was working.  The clothes were dry and the machine was not overheating.

I was so proud of myself that you would have thought I rebuilt the motor.  Even though all I did was remove an attachment and vacuum out some gross looking junk, I still felt like a hero.