Pop Goes the Eardrum

It all started last Friday.  I had a headache that just would not get better.  As the days passed, I also started to get body aches.  It felt kind of like having the flu, minus the congestion.

Yesterday, there was a tremendous pressure inside my head.  It felt like there was a monster inside my head that was trying to squeeze me to death.

Then all of sudden, I felt a popping sensation and fluid started to pour out of my left ear.  The pressure had ruptured my eardrum and I felt immediate relief.  The fluid continually poured out of my ear for several hours.

I have antibiotic drops to treat the underlying infection and should be back to normal in just a few days.




Bells Palsy

I have been dealing with a massive ear infection for six weeks.  It started to spread and caused a sinus infection a few weeks ago.  It also caused my ear drum to rupture.  Just when I think the infection is under control, it starts to flare up again.

I have already completed three rounds of anti-biotcs and one round of steroids.

Yesterday, the infection started to cause problems with my facial nerves and I developed Bells Palsy.

The left side of my face is numb and I have very little control over the muscles.  I can’t taste anything on the left side of my tongue.  I can’t smile on the left side of my face.  However, the worst part is I can’t close my left eyelid all the way shut.  I can get pretty close if I squeeze really hard, but it is difficult.

As you can imagine, my eye is very dry.  I have to use eye drops frequently and at night I have to tape my eyelid closed.

The doctor gave me another prescription for steroids and some anti-viral medications.  Hopefully, that will knock out the infection for good.

Thankful to be Awake and Alert

Three weeks ago, I developed a massive ear infection.  The vertigo from the infection was so bad, I would actually get motion sickness while sitting in a chair.  Also, the pain was excruciating, so I ended up in the emergency room.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics, which seemed to be helping.

Unfortunately, there was still a ton of fluid built up behind my eardrum.  Last week, the pressure from the fluid caused my eardrum to rupture and the fluid starting running out of my ear.  It continued draining for three days.

All that nasty fluid caused the ear cannel to get infected.  My outer ear was red, inflamed, and extremely painful.  The ear cannel was almost swollen shut.

Once again, I ended up in the emergency room.  This time the doctor prescribed steroids and antibiotics to help fight the infection as well as the inflammation.

With all that infection running through my ears, I was not feeling up to par.  I would sleep all night and take long naps during the day.  I was always tired and a bit grumpy.

Today things are looking better.  I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and I am wide awake.  My ear is still a bit tinder, but this is the best I have felt in a long time.

I am thankful to be awake and alert.  I am also thankful for doctors, medication, hospitals, and for the fact I have insurance so I can access medical care whenever I need it.

I am extremely thankful for Mom and Gwen.  They spent time hanging out at the ER with me and were willing to help me in anyway they could.

Happy Thanksgiving Day