Labyrinth of Fun

I decided to visit the labyrinth and garden located behind Madison Hospital in Madison, Alabama.

I was talking to one of the gardeners and he walked though the herb garden with me.  He told me about each of the plants and then we would break off a leaf to smell it.

The herb garden was full of amazing smells.  The cilantro had a very strong scent.  The chocolate mint smelled like a York Peppermint Patty.

I learned a lot and had a wonderful time.

Pokemon Go

I downloaded the Pokemon Go game, because I was curious about it.  I have seen the negative press, but I think it is a cool game.

  • It is fun to play, which is important.
  • It helps to get people out of their house and get them exploring the world around them.
  • It is a game the whole family can enjoy together, so it promotes family bonding.

Have you tried playing the game?  What do you think about it?


Writers – Always Working

Writers spend a lot of time writing, but that’s only part of the job.  Writers must read constantly.  They should read books, magazines, news articles, fiction, and non-fiction.

Writers also need to go out into the world and explore, try new things, have adventures.  If you spend all your time locked up in your house reading or writing, what will you have to write about?

One major benefit of being a writer, I can turn anything into a work related activity.  If I spent the whole day reading, I was working.  Going to the movies, museums, hiking, amusement parks, and having adventures may be fun, but it is also research.

As a writer, my brain is always thinking about how I would describe everything I see, hear, or do.  I am a writer and I am always working.

Old Buildings Adventure

While driving around with my family, I decided to explore some old buildings.

This house is located in Limestone County, Alabama.  It did have a “Private Property” sign on the side of the building, so I didn’t go inside the house.  I just took pictures through the windows.


The next building we explored was an old church.  It is also located in Limestone County and I did go inside the building.

As a side note:  My mom totally freaked out when I walked into the church.

Behind the church building was an old outhouse, so I took a few pictures of that too.

I did not go inside the outhouse.  I may be crazy, but I am not that crazy.


Off Road Fun

Yesterday, I took the family off roading in my Jeep.  We went down some old dirt roads and on some trials in the woods.

We also made a few stops to enjoy the scenery while we were out there.

My mom was worried about getting stuck in the mud, but I told her “Don’t worry, I have AAA.”  She was not impressed and said they would probably laugh at me if I tried to get them to pull me off a muddy trail.