Lily Flagg – The Famous Cow

Lily Flagg was a Jersey cow and the world’s top producer of milk in the 1890’s.  She was owned by W. E. Mathews and General Samuel Moore of Huntsville, Alabama.

Lily Flagg won numerous state fairs and was invited to compete at the Chicago World Fair, which was an extreme honor.  While in Chicago, an inexperienced farm hand was given the job of caring for Lily Flagg.  He thought by not milking her for a couple of days, she would produce even more milk during the competition.

However, failing to milk a cow on a daily basis results in swelling of the udders and can lead to infection.  As a result, Lily Flagg did not perform well and lost the competition.

Lily Flagg went on to win other awards and was later used for breading.  Cows with Lily Flagg in their pedigree sold for top dollar.

Lily Flagg was the most famous cow in Alabama.  In Huntsville, there is a road named after her.  Her name continues to live on, even thorough she died over a hundred years ago.


Exotic Pet Fair

Yesterday, we went to the Exotic Pet Fair in Huntsville, Alabama.  We saw all sorts of animals: pigs, birds, hamsters, genie pigs, monkeys, lizards, rabbits, squirrels, frogs, and snakes.

I know it sounds strange to most people, but I have no fear of snakes.  I kept asking the venders to let me hold the snakes, so I could get a close up view of them.  They are actually kind of cool.

Life Doesn’t Come With Guarantees

I was at the cemetery and I saw a grave for a women that was 103 years old when she died.  Right next to her is the grave of a baby that only lived three months.

I stood there for a few minutes and thought about what I was seeing.  It reminded me that life doesn’t come with guarantees.  We are not promised tomorrow.  Life is not fair.

It also reminded me of the importance of making the most of each day and making sure my loved ones know how much I care about them.  I may never get another chance to make things right, so if owe anyone an apology or need to make amends I should do it as soon as I am made aware of my mistake.

Life is short and tomorrow may never come, so enjoy the moment while you have it.