Hiding From Dismal Days


The weather has been dismal for a few days now.

The sky is a dull grey color, which strangely resembles cigarette ashes.

There is daylight, but there is no sun to be seen.

The rain and the heat mixes to create an oppressive humidity in the air.

I look out the window, but my view is distorted by raindrops.

My mood is impacted by the dismal day.

My emotional state is gloomy.

I have weather induced doldrums.

I want to hibernate until the sun returns.

If anyone needs me, I will be hiding under the covers.

Tailbone Injury and Family Lessons

Yesterday, I fell backwards in the garage and landed on my tailbone.  When I hit the concrete floor the pain was so excruciating I felt like I was about to vomit and pee my pants at the same time.

My mom was on the other side of the garage.  She knew I fell, but didn’t see the landing.  She was calling to me and worried I hit my head.

I didn’t answer right away, because I was so concerned about accidentally going to the bathroom in my pants.  I was struggling to get off the floor as quickly as possible.  However, the pain was so bad it was a difficult task and I was moaning the entire time.

I finally managed to stand up and told my mom I was fine.  I didn’t hit my head, so we got into the Jeep.  We had tickets to see the Footloose musical at the Von Braun Civic Center.  We both were looking forward to it, so I tried to continue on with the day.

However, the pain in my buttocks and lower back continued to increase and I was struggling.  We ended up going to the Madison Hospital ER.  I told Mom she didn’t have to stay and if she wanted she could go see the musical without me.  There wasn’t anything she could do at the ER, but she decided to stay with me.

They took x-rays of my lower back and the doctor examined me.  Luckily, nothing is broken.  The doctor said I have contusions on my coccyx.  Basically, I bruised my tailbone and I should be better in about a week.

Yesterday, I planed to do something nice for my mom.  I bought the tickets for the musical and we planned to spend the day having fun.  The day didn’t go as planned.  My mom ended up doing something nice for me.  She spent the day at the ER and went to the pharmacy to get my medication.  I guess that’s what family is all about.


I Fell Out of a Moving Vehicle

It all started when Joey bolted out the door and ran down the street.  Joey is a well trained dog and even has his Canine Good Citizen award.  However, sometimes he acts like he never had a day of training in his life.  This isn’t the first time he has done such a foolish act, which is why he is called the Knucklehead.

I grabbed a leash, a bag of treats, called for Gwen, and we headed out to find our crazy dog.

I was driving down Emroy Road, when I spotted Joey.  Gwen and I started throwing treats out the window and calling for him.

Joey approached the Jeep and was standing right beside my door.  I was so excited about finding him that I started to get out of the vehicle, without putting the Jeep in park.

I had one foot on the pavement and one foot inside the Jeep when it started rolling down the hill.  The forward momentum caused me to fall out of the vehicle and I hit the asphalt.

Unfortunately, Joey decided to start running again and he was gone by the time I was able to stand.

On a positive note, Gwen was still in the Jeep.  She was able to reach over to the brake pedal with her hand and shift the gear into park, which stopped the Jeep from running into the parked car in front of us.

There were no major injuries, just a few really big bruises and a lot of scrapes.

We got back in to the Jeep and continued our search for Joey.  A few minutes later, we spotted Joey again.  This time I put the Jeep in park, before getting out of the vehicle.

We started tossing treats to Joey and Gwen was able to grab his collar.  We got Joey into the Jeep and everyone made it home safe and mostly sound.




Coloring and Fractured Ribs

I fractured a couple of ribs when I fell Friday.  I am still in a great deal of pain from my injury.  It even hurts to breath.

The doctor prescribed medication to help with the pain.  She was concerned about my shallow breathing, because it could lead to pneumonia.  I am supposed to cough two or three times an hour to help clear out my lungs; however, the pain is excruciating.

I found coloring to be helpful, because it keeps my mind occupied on something other than the pain.  Each day, I spend hours working on pictures

These are my favorites.


Photography Injury

I took a bunch of photos while on our road trip.  Unfortunately, I was injured during one of our sight seeing stops.

I was going to take a picture of Blue and didn’t notice a gap in the sidewalk.  I tripped over the edge and landed on my right side.  As I hit the concrete, my elbow jammed into my ribs.

I bruised my ribs and pulled a muscle in my shoulder, which is very painful.  It hurts to move, laugh, and it even hurts to take a deep breath.

In case you are wondering,  I did get the picture.