Floating Flag Football

Astronauts spend large amounts of time in space.  I wonder what they do for fun.  I would recommend floating flag football.

I can see it now.  An astronaut is sailing toward the guy with the ball, but just before he grabs the flag the guy with the ball starts spinning and rolls out of the way.

This not only sounds like a fun game to play, it also sounds like a fun game to watch.  NASA could use floating flag football to teach people about the space program and capture the interest of children all over the world.

Plan B – Putt Putt Golf

Ardmore High School’s football team had an away game tonight.  I was not familiar with the other school, so I searched on-line to find it.

We showed up at the school, but nobody was there.  We drove all around the campus and didn’t even find a football field.  I told Gwen to check the schedule, maybe this school uses an off-campus football field.

After a few seconds, Gwen figured out the problem.

We were at St John Paul Catholic High School in Madison, Alabama.  Ardmore was playing against Pope John Paul Catholic High School in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

It would take about two hours to get to the game, by that time the game would be finished.

Since we couldn’t go to the game, we decided to go to Insanity Skate Park to play putt putt golf.  The night didn’t go as planned, but we still had a great time.