April Fool’s Day History

April Fool’s Day goes back to the 1500s.  Most scholars believe it started when the calendar changed from Julian to Gregorian, due to the Council of Trent.

Some people were slow in receiving the news, so they celebrated New Year’s the last week of March until April 1.  They were teased and became the victims of various hoaxes.

The popularity of April Fool’s Day soared in England in the 1700s.  Pranksters would play practical jokes on each other.


source:  www.history.com/this-day-in-history/april-fools-tradition-popularized

Parking Meter History


Several years ago, I decided to read about the history of parking meters.  I know, it doesn’t exactly sound like a thriller.  However, it was interesting.

What really surprised me was the location of the first parking meter.  I would have guessed an extremely large city like New York or Chicago.  I was wrong.  The first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Go figure….



Alexander Hamilton – A Controversial Man


I enjoyed reading this book about Alexander Hamilton.  He tends to be overlooked or only briefly mentioned in history book; however, he is one of our Founding Fathers and played an important role in the early years of the United States of America.

Here are a few notes from the book:

  • Alexander Hamilton was too controversial, too disliked, and had too many enemies at a time when adversaries used weapons as well as word to express their views, to be one of the Founding Fathers who made it to the presidency.
  • He believed in a strong central government, because he was suspicious of the will of the mob.
  • Alexander Hamilton an aide-de-camp to General George Washington, who was so impressed with the young man’s astute administrative abilities that when he became president, he named Hamilton as the nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury.
  • Alexander Hamilton fought for the federal government to assume the debts of the individual states, and for the establishment of a mint.
  • His political reputation was soiled by an affair with a married woman whose husband extorted money from his wife’s lover and then tried to implicate Hamilton in a corrupt financial scheme.
  • Alexander Hamilton would have cringed at the size of the national debt; he believed that a nation’s overall strength came from a sound financial foundation.

Opossums are Cool

I think opossums are cool animals and they are often judged to harshly.

Opossums are marsupials, which makes them a unique animal in North America.

They are omnivores and prefer to forge for food, so they make great clean up crews.

They have a powerful immune system.  They are even immune to snake venom.  You have to admit, that’s a seriously strong immune system.

They prefer a solitary lifestyle and are nocturnal, which makes them a bit introverted.  I’m an introvert too, so I can relate.

When a opossum is threatened it goes into a shock like state and actually faints.  This is an involuntary response, which kind of makes me feel sorry for the opossum.  If I fainted every time I got scared, that would be embarrassing.


Fun Flag Facts

Today is flag day, which got me thinking about the history of flags.  I went to wikipedia.com and found some interesting facts about flags.

  • Flags were used in the middle ages to identify a knight.
  • Ships began using flags in the 17th century to show their country of origin and to communicate.
  • The flag of Denmark was designed in 1478, and is the oldest national flag still in use.
  • Flags are also used for religious purposes, such as the Buddhist prayer flags.

My Birthday – 43 Years Old

I turned 43 years old today, so I thought I would share 43 fun facts about myself.

  1. I was born in Ft Bliss, Texas.
  2. I spent most of my childhood in Mannheim, Germany.
  3. I attended Department of Defense Educational System (DODES) schools.
  4. I have a BS in Cross Cultural Studies.
  5. I have an MS in theology.
  6. I attended Moscow University in Moscow, Russia, for three months.  Unfortunately, I still can’t speak Russian.
  7. I have a PhD in communication.
  8. I joined the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) in 2007.
  9. I am a member of the Sigma Chi Pi Honor Society.
  10. I know American Sign Language.
  11. I have a human research certification.
  12. I have a case management certification.
  13. I have a facilities engineering certification.
  14. I was part of a group that protested in front of drug dealers homes in Dallas, Texas.
  15. I like to do the polar bear plunge on the first day of the year.
  16. I am a certified life coach.
  17. I won the science fair in elementary school.
  18. I played the trumpet in my middle school band.
  19. I saw the Mona Lisa, while I was in Paris, France.
  20. I ate chocolate in Switzerland.
  21. I wondered around Austria.
  22. I ate fish and chips while vacationing in London.
  23. I visited Holland and saw the windmills.
  24. I was flashed in Canada.
  25. I sweated a lot during my week in Mexico.
  26. I like getting tattoos.
  27. My favorite color is blue.
  28. I am a horrible speller and probably would have flunked out of school without the help of a spell checker.
  29. I am an extreme introvert.
  30. I tend to be organized.
  31. I don’t like coffee.
  32. I can’t live without soda.
  33. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
  34. I love to read.
  35. I wear cargo pants everyday.  You never know when you might need those extra pockets.
  36. I have two pair of shoes (tennis shoes that I wear everyday and a pair of houseshoes).
  37. My family refuses to play foosball with me, because I always win.
  38. I don’t like to play checkers with my niece (Gwen), because she always wins.
  39. I am stubborn.
  40. I have a rebellious streak in me.
  41. I like to explore and try new things.
  42. When I was a teenager, I got banned from the mall, a gas station, and a movie theater.
  43. I used to be a vegetarian, but I failed.

Please share some fun and unique facts about yourself in the comment section.