Chocolate God


The Aztecs and the Mayans were the first people groups to cultivate the cocoa bean and make chocolate.  They would grind up the cocoa seeds and mix it with water to create a drink.  They also used the beans it to make a porridge, and mixed it with various spices.

The Aztecs considered chocolate “food for the gods” and it was served to royal families in golden goblets.  However, the Mayans believed chocolate was a gift from the cocoa god.

In the 1500’s, Cortez exported the cocoa bean to Europe.  The Europeans began mixing it with sugar and the popularity of chocolate spread like wild fire.

I recommend you take a moment today and enjoy a heavily snack of chocolate.  Don’t forget to truly savor the flavor and enjoy each moment.


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The Best Gift I Ever Received

When I was in elementary school, I went on a field trip to see The Nutcracker.  I was mesmerized by it.  For the next couple of weeks, my mind played back scenarios from the ballet and the story continually ran through my imagination.

It was around this time, Mom took me to the local Christmas market.  I found a booth selling small wooden soldiers that reminded me of the ballet.

I told Mom I wanted some of the wooden soldiers for Christmas, but she was reluctant to buy them.  She didn’t understand why I would want nicknacks and felt it would be a waste of money.

I was relentless.  I had to have one.  Mom finally gave in and bought two of those soldiers for me.

I cherished those soldiers.  Unfortunately, only one of the solders has survived all these years.  It is the only toy from my childhood that I still own and I keep it in a glass display case.

It may sound strange, but this small wooden soldier is the best gift I ever received.


Worst Gift Ever

I purchased gifts for my family and for our guest on Easter Sunday.

I remembered my mom saying, Cathi enjoys planting flowers and gardening.  I found a Campbell’s heirloom tomato planting kit.  The kit looked so cute.  I thought Cathi would enjoy growing her own tomatoes.



However, I forgot Cathi is highly allergic to tomatoes.  Touching a tomato can cause her to break out in a rash.  That’s right, Cathi can’t even touch the gift I bought for her.

This has to be the worst gift ever.


Sorry Cathi

Christmas Gone to the Dogs


For Christmas, the boys all got a stuffed dog dressed in a Santa outfit.  They love their new toys and have spent the entire day playing with them.  Most of the toys are missing body parts and are now stuffing free.  However, there are still a couple left that are relatively intact.

Blue has claimed one of those intact toys and refuses to let any of his brothers have it.  He even protected it during dinner by placing the toy in his food bowl, so his brothers can’t steal it while he is busy eating.

Blue is a pretty smart dog.