Happy Birthday Alabama

I went to an exhibit at the Huntsville Botanical Garden honoring the 200th birthday of Alabama.  It gave a brief overview of our history and a look at what is in store for Alabama in the future.

1700 to 1815 – Europeans explored the area and disrupted the sovereignty of the Indian nations.

1815 to 1860 – Alabama was a rugged frontier, but during this time period it changed to an ante-bellum society.

1860 to 1875 – The Civil War raged throughout Alabama.  It divided families and communities.

1875 to 1940 – Alabama saw a period of massive growth due to iron and coal mining.  This opened the way for a boom in higher education.

1940 to 1965 – Alabama went thorough a cultural transformation due to WWII and the Civil Rights movement.

1965 to 1990 – Rocket scientist from Germany moved to Alabama.  They helped create the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville.  NASA and other government agencies set up locations in Alabama.

1990 and Beyond –  Alabama has a diverse and global reach that will help it succeed well into the future.


Bowling History

I was wondering about the history of bowling the other day, so I did a little research.  Bowling may not be the most popular sport, but it has been around a long time.

  • Archaeologist discovered a primitive bowling ball and bowling pins in the grave of an Egyptian boy (dated around 3200 BCE).
  • There is a lawn bowling site in South Hampton, England, which records show has been operational since 1299.
  • In 1841, bowling became illegal in Connecticut, because it was associated with gambling and crime.
  • The first indoor bowling alley in America, was built in 1840, in New York City.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowling

Humorous History


My favorite section of Humorous History was about King Henry VIII of England.

He had three “Grooms of Stool” that were responsible for wiping his bottom.  This job was not all bad, because he rewarded his “Grooms of Stool” with money, land, and official titles.

In spite of all that, wiping a grown man’s butt sounds like a horrible job.


The Black Death and Nostradamus


This book has a section addressing Nostradamus and his role in society during the plague years.  According to the author:

Nostradamus was a plague doctor.  Of all recovered information about cures and practices, his were by far the most practical compared with medical standards today.  He recommends against blood-letting and advocated clean water, clean air, and immediate removal of infected corpses. 

This was new information for me and I thought it was interesting.

April Fool’s Day History

April Fool’s Day goes back to the 1500s.  Most scholars believe it started when the calendar changed from Julian to Gregorian, due to the Council of Trent.

Some people were slow in receiving the news, so they celebrated New Year’s the last week of March until April 1.  They were teased and became the victims of various hoaxes.

The popularity of April Fool’s Day soared in England in the 1700s.  Pranksters would play practical jokes on each other.


source:  www.history.com/this-day-in-history/april-fools-tradition-popularized

Homicide House

Reposted from 25 February 2017

Twenty years ago, there was a quadruple homicide in this house.  The victims were teenagers and they were killed for accusing a young man of stealing a cell phone.

The guilty individual, as well as his two accomplices, were convicted and the house was eventually abandoned.

I drive by this house all the time and this week I was compelled to look inside of it.  It’s hard to describe how I felt entering the house.

There was a mixture of sadness and grief, due to the senseless murders that happened here.  I can’t even imagine how those poor teenagers felt as they realized their lives were coming to an end.  Also, I felt angry.  How can someone be so evil and callused?

I didn’t know the teenagers, but I feel for them and their families.  I wonder what they would have accomplished if their lives were not taken from them.

I left the house with a heavy heart and a lot of questions.

Update:  The house has been torn down since this was originally posted.