If I Could, I Would

A few weeks ago, I was at church and the preacher was talking about various things we hear when reading the Bible and how we should, or would if we could, react to those messages.

This is what I hear and should do or would do if I could:

  • I hear forgiveness.  If I could, I would be more forgiving of others and show mercy to others.
  • I hear love.  If I could, I would be an example of that love and teach others about the love of God.
  • I hear hope.  If I could, I would rely on that hope and not suffer from anxiety attacks.
  • I hear commitment.  If I could, I would finish what I start and be dedicated to the task at hand.
  • I hear freedom.  If I could, I would live as a person free from sin and condemnation.

This message was part of a series and the basic points of the series are:

  • Put your faith into action
  • Don’t show partiality, love others, love equally, and love freely
  • Freedom from legalism is freedom to love
  • Don’t be a slave to sin, instead be a slave to righteousness
  • Don’t be a salve to the law, instead be a slave to the word of God


Something About Spring

Today is the first day of spring.  There is something about the start of spiring that makes me smile.

  • The harsh cold winter days are ending and warm sunshine fills the void.
  •  Rain washes over the land and creates a renewal of life.
  • Plants and trees stretch out to the sun, their beautiful blooms are popping everywhere, and the bright colors radiate to create a sense of peace in our hearts.
  • Spring is a time for renewal of hope.
  • Spring brings back a sense of wonder for us all to enjoy.

There is something about spring and I hope it makes you smile today.


Hoping and Enduring (Matthew 10)

Jesus sent out the twelve apostles to preach the gospel and minister to the people.  He warned them of the possibility of persecution and encouraged them.  Jesus also told them to not be afraid, because their faithfulness will be rewarded.

It is easy to lose hope in the moment.  At times, the world looks bleak and the mission appears to be failing.  Some people will even mock your efforts.

It is important to remember, there is a bigger picture that we cannot see.  It’s like looking a few puzzle pieces and trying to understand what they represent.


God knows how each piece fits together.  What I do is only one piece of the puzzle and what you do is another piece.  In time each piece will come together and the entire picture will be known.


When you feel discouraged and it seems hopeless, remember you are only seeing a piece of the puzzle.  With hope and endurance, continue your good work and know the picture will be revealed in time.