Cowboy Church

The Cowboy Church movement is designed to reach a certain people group, which has its own cultural norms.

This church building was located in a barn, which is in the middle of a working ranch.  Right outside the door of the church was an Australian Cattle Dog and a horse.

Their belief system is typical for a Christian church.  The main difference is in how they package it and teach the members to apply it to their  own life.

Benefits of Horseback Riding


Gwen said she wanted to learn how to ride a horse.  I thought it over for a while and decided it would be a great idea.  Sure she would have fun, but there are other benefits as well.

  • Horseback riding is great physical exercise and increases body strength.
  • Horseback riding helps improve coordination, which will benefit the person in every aspect of their life.
  • Horseback riding lessons teaches respect for animals.
  • Horseback riding is a lot of work.  There is work to be done preparing the horse for riding and then grooming the horse afterward.  This will allow the rider to learn the value of hard work and receive positive reinforcements for that work.
  • When riding a horse, following the instructor’s directions is essential.  Horses are docile creatures, but they are extremely large.  Failure to do what the instructor says can lead to painful injuries.
  • Horseback riding lessons will also teach perseverance.  Everyone makes mistakes when learning a new skill.  The key to being successful is to learn from the mistakes.  Success comes with perseverance.
  • Improving your skills and knowledge through horseback riding lessons, will also have a positive effect on the student’s self-esteem.

I know Gwen will have fun learning how to ride a horse, but that is not the only benefits she will receive.



Black Beauty


I found Black Beauty on Amazon and it was free with the Kindle app, so I decided to download the book and read it again.

I read the book when I was much younger and was struck by the story of triumph.  The horse always does his best and manages to come out a winner in the end.

This time I was struck by the amount of animal cruelty in the story.  Unfortunately, it does mirror the reality of that time.

Today we have improved, but there is still a shocking amount of animal cruelty in this world and even in our own country.  How can we call ourselves an evolved race or a moral people if we continue to harm those that are unable to defend themselves from our attacks?  How can a human being look into the eyes of another living thing and harm or kill that animal without feeling remorse?