Blogging & Tweeting Without Getting Sued


I was searching for books about blogging on Amazon when I found Blogging & Tweeting Without Getting Sued by Mark Pearson.  I was intrigued by the title and decided to read the  book.

Here are a few important points to keep in mind when blogging:

  • Criminal and civil laws apply to bloggers and bloggers are treated the same as media companies as far as the law is concerned
  • You should never forward or repost material that you have not reviewed and verified
  • Libelous material may be defended if it is in the public interest, but this is a hard point to prove and any signs of malice will destroy your defense
  • Think about the consequences before posting a negative blog about an individual or a company
  • Anonymity is not guaranteed on the internet
  • Blogging any confidential information about other people is illegal

Rush to Judgement

Have you ever noticed how quick our society is to rush to judgement?  All it takes is one picture or just one sentence and a person can become demonized in social media.

Why is an individual condemned by society, based on a minuscule amount of information?  Why is there no attempt to find out the background, the context, or the rest of the story?

Why do people feel so much anger and hatred toward these condemned individuals?  Why do they feel so much loathing for people they don’t even know?  Why do people post about their hate and send violent threats to strangers, without ever considering how their actions will effect the other person?

What does all this rush to judgement, demonization of strangers, angry rants, and threats of violence say about us as a society?  Also, why are we not talking about this issue more often?  Why don’t we try to do something about it?

Google Fiber Ultra High Speed Internet

Google Fiber is coming to Huntsville, Alabama.

I was excited to hear the news, but I must admit I was also a bit surprised.  Huntsville is not a major city; however, it will be one of the first places to receive the new ultra fast internet service.

According to Jill Szuchmacher, director of expansion for Google Fiber, Huntsville was chosen for three reasons:

  1. It has the highest per-capita concentration of engineers in the United States.
  2. It is third in the nation for science and technology careers.
  3. The leadership in Huntsville has a clear vision for the importance of broadband internet and is willing to work with Google to make the project a success.  (

I am excited about getting ultra fast internet and I am proud to call Huntsville (a.k.a. The Rocket City) home.