Dog Park Disaster

Gwen and I decided to take Joey, Ben, Buddy, and Blue to the dog park.

All of our dogs are well trained.  Joey earned the Canine Good Citizen Certification from the American Kennel Club.  Blue is in advanced classes.  Ben and Buddy are at the intermediate level.

However, sometimes they act like a pack of wild crazy dogs that have never had a day of training in their lives.  Today was one of those days.

  • They were involved in several disagreements with the other dogs.
  • Joey got into a fight.
  • Three of the boys managed to escape the park and create a ruckus by running around and barking at a group of people with their dogs.

Due to their behavior, we had to leave the park early.  The boys still managed to have a great time and are rather pleased with themselves.

Oh well, they are cute and we still love them.

Happiest Dog Ever


Joey is the happiest dog I have ever seen.  His personality type can best be described as a party looking for a place to happen.

A few days ago, Joey went to the veterinarian’s office for his yearly shots.  He rushed in the door and greeted everyone with great enthusiasm.  The doctor was checking Joey’s vitals and giving him his shots, while Joey was resting his head on her shoulder trying to give her a hug.  He got extra treats for that, of course.

Joey is one happy dog.

Joey – Dog Shaming Photo

I started taking Joey to a dog park and to a day care center, while I was at work, to help channel all that energy.

He was finally doing well in school and his social skills were improving by leaps and bonds.  He became very popular every where he went.  He was friendly and got along with all the dogs.  He was even dubbed the official dog park greater at one point.

However, Joey did have a habit of peeing in the water bucket at the dog park.  It was so embarrassing and I would end up going for fresh water at least once during each visit.

I decided to do a dog shaming photo, but Joey didn’t care.


Joey – Training Programs

At some point, I realized I could not handle Joey without help.  I decided to take him to an obedience school.

The first place we went, didn’t go well.  Joey was wild and the trainer could not get him to sit still long enough to do anything.  She eventually decided Joey was just “not that bright.”  After a month, she expelled Joey for his destructive behavior.

The second place was not any better.  Joey got into a fight with another dog in the class and was expelled for aggressive behavior.

I talked to the receptionist at my veterinarian’s office and told her about Joey being expelled from two different schools.  She recommended a trainer named Steve.

I called Steve, told him my story, and asked if he would allow a juvenile delinquent dog into his school.  Steve laughed and said he would love to get a chance to work with Joey.

We went to class twice a week for a couple of years.  Joey ended up repeating the beginner class four times, but he was improving and I was learning how to channel his energy and how to manage his behavior in a positive way.