Children’s Leader

I was a leader for the children’s group this morning at The Brook.  I conducted an experiment with dry ice that produced a huge bubble.  The kids laughed and they were impressed with size of the bubble I was able to create.

The puppets told a story about Abraham.  They used props and engaged the children.  Everyone in the audience was listening to the puppets and what they had to say about our lesson.

The kids seemed to really enjoy it and they  were able to understand the point of the message.

I had a lot fun working with the kids today and look forward to doing it again.

49 Excuses for not Tidying Your Bedroom – A Book Review


The book “49 Excuses for not Tidying Your Bedroom” is available for free on Amazon, with the Kindle app.

I was looking for something else, when I happened across this children’s book, since it was free and the title struck me as amusing, I decided to read it.

This book is hilarious and I highly recommend it.  Even if you don’t have kids, you should read this book.

I give it an A+

Kids are Watching

Dawson Elementary was having a Pre-K graduation celebration, when several adults started fighting.  Security escorted the adults out of the building; however, they just kept on fighting in the parking lot.  The police were called to deal with the situation and the school was placed on a lock-down status.

The full story can be found at

When I read stories like this, my first thoughts go to the children that had to witness the event.

I constantly hear adults complaining about how spoiled children are these days.  I also hear comments about children being disrespectful.  These comments are often followed by advance on how adults need to discipline children to teach them respect and manners.

It is true, children do need discipline to learn how to behave.  However, maybe discipline is not the only thing they need.  Maybe children need better role models in their life.  It’s easy to point fingers at the adults fighting at an elementary school, but that is only a symptom of a bigger problem.

We all need to take a look at ourselves.  How do we treat the cashiers or the wait staff?  How do we treat people that are different from us?  How do we behave when we are cut off by a bad driver?  How do we handle frustration?  Do we use language that is full of hate or disrespect in front of our children?

If we want our children to be respectful, then maybe we should act in a way that is worthy of respect.