The Importance of Family History


The Kindle version of this story is available free on Amazon.

The main character, Wanda Wollow, dreams of have adventures and traveling when she is older.  She thinks her parents and grandparents are boring and have never done anything interesting in their lives.

One day, Wanda comes across a journal in her attic and begins to read it.  She is austonded by all the things her family did in the past.  She quickly learns her parents and grandparents had amazing adventures in their youth and learns the importance of knowing her family history.

Alzheimer’s Disease by Joan Needham


The book Alzheimer’s Disease by Joan Needham is free with a Kindle app.  I decided to read it, in hopes of learning more about the disease.

The book explains the disease, discusses the typical symptoms, covers prognoses, provides information on treatment options, and ideas for ensuring the best quality of life for those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease.

The book was not overly technical and very informative.  I highly recommend it.

I give this book an A+