The Orange Conference 2017 – Seven Habits of Emotionally Healthy Leaders


During the Orange Conference, Craig Jutila lead a breakout session called, “Seven Habits of Emotionally Healthy Leaders.”

The presentation was interesting and funny at times.  I could relate to a lot of what Craig Jutila had to say, so I decide to share my notes on my blog.

Seven Habits of Emotionally Healthy Leaders by Craig Jutila:

  1.  Forgetfulness – Forget your past failures, forget negative comments, and forget your past successes
  2. Connectedness – Connect with people, connect with a champion that encourages you, connect with a friend that knows you and still loves you, and connect with a mentor that can speak truth into your life
  3. Allness – Be here now, be all here, and be present in the moment
  4. Lightheartedness – It’s ok to laugh and have fun
  5. Awareness – Be aware of your internal narrative, be socially aware, also be aware of the feelings, needs, behaviors, and concerns of other people
  6. Selectiveness – Be selective in what you do each day, because saying yes to the good things, may cause you to say no to the better things
  7. Adaptableness – Be willing to change and adapt, also shift your thinking from what will I lose to what will I gain

Become the Greatest of All


In Matthew 20:26-28, Jesus was telling his disciples how to be great in His kingdom.  Jesus defines greatness and leadership in a way that is contrary to what we normally see in the world.

According to Jesus, having power or privilege is not what makes you great.  Being able to force others to obey you and serve you, does not make you great.

What makes a person great in the Kingdom of God?  Jesus tells us that to be great, to be a leader in His Kingdom, we must be willing to serve.  We must also have an attitude of humility.

It’s our willingness to humble ourselves and serve others that will make us great people and great leaders in this world and in the Kingdom of God.


Turning to One Another – Book Review


This book had a lot of cool ideas, but not much in the way of practical application.

However, I did enjoy the section on how to truly listen to people.  The author recommends we go out of our comfort zone and talk to people we know, people we don’t know, and people we usually avoid talking to.  Take time to actually listen to what they are saying, learn about their history, and what they believe.

All in all, the book was fair.  I give it a B-


My Secret Life on the McJob – A Book Review


Jerry Newman is a university professor.  He took a sabbatical from his job to work in the fast food industry, as part of a human resources research project.  His findings and insights are recorded in his book, My Secret Life on the McJob.

Jerry Newman was able to capture the personal side of his co-workers life, as it relate to working in fast food.  He also spoke highly of the skills that each employee learned as a result of their job:

  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Time Management
  • Working Under Pressure
  • Leadership Skills
  • Customer Service

The book also covered the negative aspects of being in the fast food industry.  Employees often felt marginalized by society and are often treated poorly by customers, because their jobs are seen as unimportant.

I think this book is worth reading and I really enjoyed it.

I give it an A-

Google Fiber Ultra High Speed Internet

Google Fiber is coming to Huntsville, Alabama.

I was excited to hear the news, but I must admit I was also a bit surprised.  Huntsville is not a major city; however, it will be one of the first places to receive the new ultra fast internet service.

According to Jill Szuchmacher, director of expansion for Google Fiber, Huntsville was chosen for three reasons:

  1. It has the highest per-capita concentration of engineers in the United States.
  2. It is third in the nation for science and technology careers.
  3. The leadership in Huntsville has a clear vision for the importance of broadband internet and is willing to work with Google to make the project a success.  (

I am excited about getting ultra fast internet and I am proud to call Huntsville (a.k.a. The Rocket City) home.