Who Was Chef Boyardee?

Hector Boiardi was born in Italy.  He moved to American in 1914.  Hector worked at the Plaza Hotel, and eventually he became the head chef.  He was a caterer for the rich and famous, to include President Woodrow Wilson.  Hector opened his first Italian restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio.  Later in life, he created the Chef Boyardee brand.



source:  www.chefboyardee.com


Houston Library and Museum

Yesterday, Gwen only had a half day of school and I thought going to a museum would be   a fun way to spend the afternoon, so Gwen, Mom, and I went to the Houston Library and Museum in Athens, Alabama.

The house originally belonged to George Houston.  He was the governor of Alabama in the 1870s and he also had a law practice in Limestone County.

Houston was an extremely popular Governor.  He developed the mining industries, advanced manufacturing in the state, invited immigration and capital into the state, and encouraged education for children.  Houston also restored the budget and cut expenses, which earned him the name “Watchdog of the Treasury.”

I learned a lot during our visit and everyone seemed to enjoy touring the museum.  The museum is free and worth a visit if you are ever in the area.