The Metal Bull and the Plastic Dolphin

While driving to Jacksonville, Florida, Malia and I also passed a huge metal statue of a bull.  It was located in front of the Cattleman/Cattlewoman’s building in Pike County, Alabama.  For some reason, it struck me as funny and I took a picture.

We also encountered a plastic resin statue of a dolphin, which had a beautiful design painted along the side of the dolphin.

Both statues struck me as being unique pieces of art.


Metal Man Thinking


What does a metal man think about?  Maybe he thinks about:

  • How to cure rust
  • How to send his kids to armory school
  • How to become a famous actor like Tin Man
  • Which band is better Metallica or Iron Madian
  • Am I the product of evolution or was I created by the Great Alloy in the sky

Do you have any ideas on what a metal man would think about?  Let me know in the comment section.