My First Opera


I went to see an opera for the first time this month.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Opera doesn’t exactly have a great reputation.

I started to wonder, what exactly is an opera.  I have heard of it, but had very little exposure to it.  It brought up images of people singing in foreign languages and in obnoxiously high pitched voices.

The dictionary defines opera as a dramatic work in one or more acts set to music for signers and instrumentalists, or a genre of classical music.

I must admit, I enjoyed the opera.  The singing was beautiful.  The acting was excellent.  I was pleasantly surprised.


Hank Williams – Boyhood Home Museum

As a child, Hank Williams, Sr. lived in Georgiana, Alabama, (about an hour south of Montgomery).  The house he lived in is now a museum.  The exhibits include some personal items, albums, posters, and other things of historical significance.

It’s small but interesting.  The workers are knowledgeable about the history of the house and will gladly answer any questions.

I enjoyed my visit and would recommend it to anyone traveling through the area.