The Abducted by Roger Hayden


Roger Hayden’s book, The Abducted is crime novel about a serial child abductor.  During one of the abductions, the criminal killed a young police officer.  The main character, a police sergeant, struggles to deal with the guilt of losing her partner and her inability to catch the criminal.

The book was a thrilling read.  I throughly enjoyed it and look forward to reading other books by this author.

UFO’s and Alien Abduction


I just finished reading UFO’s, Alien Abduction, and Close Encounters by Gary Jeffrey.

The stories told about abduction experiences seem unbelievable.  I wonder what is the truth behind these stories.

  • Are these people lying for the attention or because they think it’s funny?
  • Did they experience a temporary psychotic or delusional state?
  • Were they under the influence of drugs?
  • Did they experience dreams so realistic that they interpreted them as real life experiences?
  • Could they actually have been abducted?

What are your thoughts on alien abduction stories?  Let me know in the comments below.

Addison’s Mark – A Book Review


The book Addison’s Mark by Matt Kuvakos is a si-fi mystery novel.  The main character is Sam Addison and he was chosen by God for a special purpose.  He tries to live a normal life, but the visions seem to interpret his plans.  His girlfriend’s father was also chosen, but not by God.  Instead the father is an evil man that follows the directions of a dark angel.

This is not the type book I usually read; however, I am really glad I gave it a chance.  It is filled with suspense and vivid descriptions.  I found the book enticing and enjoyable.

I give it an A+

And Then There Were None – A Book Review


The book, “And Then There Were None” was written by Agatha Christie and was first published in 1939.

This is a classic mystery novel, which tells the story of 10 people who were invited to an island on false pretenses.  Each person is murdered for the heinous crimes they committed, but for which they were never punished.

I highly recommend this book.  It is interesting and intense at times.  Also, the mystery is a difficult one to solve.

I give this book an A+