Affirm Your Truth


Aaron Kennard’s book, Affirm Your Truth, explains the power of positive thinking and personal affirmations.  The basic premise is summed up in the following two quotes.

  • There is so much to live for, to explore, to be and to do…life can be thrilling…or completely overwhelming.
  • All of our thought habits can be changed by making a conscious decision and then by practicing the new thoughts consistently over time.

Finding Joy by Charlotte Davis Kasl


Fluffy is a good word to describe this book.  The book is full of weird ideas designed to help you feel better about life.

One example, create a self-esteem chorus.  A self-esteem chorus is a group of people that sit around a person and tell the person they are wonderful.

The idea of asking a bunch of people to circle around me and tell me how wonderful I am, just seems a bit weird and pretentious.  Also, how could you actually take it serious.  They are saying these things, because you asked them to say it.

I will never read this book again.  I think I will donate it to the local thrift store.  I am sure someone out there will enjoy it.