Originals by Adam Grant


I have a tendency to be a non-conformists, so I was drawn to this book.  The author explains the advantages and disadvantages of being an original.  He also gives common characteristics of originals.

  1. Originals question the status quo.
  2. Originals generate a large number of ideas, knowing not all them will work.
  3. Originals try new things.
  4. Originals seek positive and negative feedback from their peers.

Boundary Crossed – A Book Review



The book Boundary Crossed was written by Melissa F. Olson.  It’s a story about a boundary witch and her niece, which happens to be a null.  There are also vampires and werewolves involved in the story.  It defiantly fits in the supernatural genre.

I loved this book.  The characters were compelling and the storyline kept me guessing until the end.  The book was well written and very original.

I give it an A+

Conformity is Boring

Conformity is boring.

I want to be weird.

I want to be original.

I want to live my life, not the life someone else thinks I should live.

Conformity can make you invisible, since you blend in with everyone around you.

I don’t want to be invisible.

I want to stand out from the crowd.

I want to be bold and not worried about what other people think of me.

I have one shot at this life, so I plan to live it my way.

 Be different from the others around you.