Happiest Dog Ever


Joey is the happiest dog I have ever seen.  His personality type can best be described as a party looking for a place to happen.

A few days ago, Joey went to the veterinarian’s office for his yearly shots.  He rushed in the door and greeted everyone with great enthusiasm.  The doctor was checking Joey’s vitals and giving him his shots, while Joey was resting his head on her shoulder trying to give her a hug.  He got extra treats for that, of course.

Joey is one happy dog.

The Southerner’s Handbook


If you want to know more about life and culture in the southern states or if you plan to visit the area and don’t want to look like a tourist, then I would recommend The Southerner’s Handbook.

The book will teach you how to:

  • cook Southern foods, like grits and okra
  • properly care for a cast-iron skillet
  • find the perfect pair of cowboy boots
  • sharpen a knife
  • shoot a moving target
  • build a rope swing
  • plant a garden
  • dance a two-step
  • party Mardi Gras style



Family Party Day

Today I was able to attend a family gathering and party at my aunt’s house.  It was an amazingly fun event.  There was a lot of delicious food and an inflatable bounce house with  a water slide for the kids.

I also enjoyed sitting around and talking to people that I don’t get to see very often.  We laughed, spent time reminiscing, and joking around with each other.

I had a blast today.  I give this party an A+