Make Extra Money

How can you make extra money?

  • Sell stuff on eBay
  • Donate plasma 
  • Have a yardsale 
  • Get paid to do surveys (
  • Write and sell eBooks on Amazon 
  • Deliver food for DoorDash
  • Clean houses 
  • Do yard work 
  • Become an Uber driver 
  • Walk dogs in your neighborhood 
  • Make and sell crafts on Etsy 
  • Create an on-line class
  • Babysit 
  • Petsit 
  • Find odd jobs on craigslist 
  • Work as a substitute teacher


Cutting Cable

I stopped paying for cable television services a long time ago.  There are a lot ways to watch your favorite TV shows and movies that cost a fraction of what cable charges, so it just seems like an unnecessary expense.

Also, cutting cable has greatly reduced the amount of commercials I end up watching.  That alone is a huge benefit in my mind.

If you still have cable services, what is keeping you from cutting the cable?  Let me know your thoughts on the topic.

Teach Children the Dangers of Debt

I think it is imperative that we teach our children the dangers of debt.  During the acclamation phase of debt, the person feels like they have an endless supply of money.  It also allows for immediate gratification.

However, you eventually reach a place when there is no more available credit and all that debt, plus the interest, must be paid back to the leader.

Once debt has taken hold of a person’s finances, it can suck them dry.  Debt starts pulling money from things the person needs today to pay for the wants of yesterday.

I believe it is extremely important to teach children the dangers of debt.