Caring for Others

If you are about to become a caregiver for someone, you need a plan.

  • Start the Conversation 
    • Look for an opening 
    • Respect your loved one’s wishes 
    • Size up the situation 
    • Review finances 
  • Form a team
    • Team members can help with simple or finite tasks 
    • They can use their talents and strengths 
    • Determine the number of people on your team 
    • Assign roles and responsibilities 
  • Make a plan 
    • Assess the goals and needs of your plan
    • Delegate responsibilities
    • Include the person receiving care 
    • Keep everyone informed 
    • Take notes 
  • Find Support
    • Community resources
    • Consult a professional
    • Hire help
    • Care for yourself


Source: Candace Williams, AARP, Caregiver College Presentation, 21 June 2019


30 Minute Plan – A Book Review


This book is a part of the zombie genre (of which I am a huge fan).  In the story there are several different types of zombies, since they have the ability to mutate and evolve.  The main character is fighting for his own survival when he becomes infected and ends up being a leader in a pack of zombies.

The first few chapters of the book was awful.  I felt bored and confused, but I decided to go ahead and read the entire thing.  I am glad I stuck with it, because it got a lot better.  I started to relate with the main character and was able to really get into the story.

All and in all, I would recommend the book.  I give it a B-