Labor Day Poem

Whatever your vocation

Whatever your occupation 

If you’re a teacher or a preacher 

If you’re a plumber or a writer

If you’re a firefighter or a farmer

If you’re a pharmacist or a cosmetologist 

If you’re a dog walker or a truck driver

If you’re a secretary or a missionary

If you’re an anthropologist or a botanist 

If you’re an astronomer or a programmer 

If you’re an engineer or a cashier 

If you’re a psychiatrist or a meteorologist 

If you’re a musician or a technician 

Whatever your vocation 

Whatever your occupation 

You deserve recognition 

Thanks for your contribution 

Happy Labor Day

Something About Spring

Today is the first day of spring.  There is something about the start of spiring that makes me smile.

  • The harsh cold winter days are ending and warm sunshine fills the void.
  •  Rain washes over the land and creates a renewal of life.
  • Plants and trees stretch out to the sun, their beautiful blooms are popping everywhere, and the bright colors radiate to create a sense of peace in our hearts.
  • Spring is a time for renewal of hope.
  • Spring brings back a sense of wonder for us all to enjoy.

There is something about spring and I hope it makes you smile today.