Blame Game Solves Nothing

Whenever there is a crisis or a tragedy, the blame game gets started.  The conservatives blame the liberals and the liberals blame the conservatives.  The moderates blame the extremists and the extremists blame the moderates.  The pro-gun-control crowd blame the anti-gun-control crowd and the anti-gun-control crowd blames the pro-gun-control crowd.  The blame game just keeps going around and around.

It’s easier to play the blame game than it is to actually study the problem at an in-depth level.  It’s easier to play the blame game than to admit you may be wrong about a problem or that you really didn’t understand the entire problem.  It’s easier to play the blame game than it is to find actual solutions to the problem.

The blame game is easy to play and it makes people feel like they have all the answers.  The problem is not their fault.

However, that solves nothing.  Getting your hands dirty and working to solve the problem, regardless of who is to blame, is the only way to make things better.

Flashing Neighbor

My neighbor is a single female, around 60 years old, and she cuts her own grass.

When she gets hot, she lifts the bottom of her shirt and uses it to wipe her face.  She doesn’t wear a bra, so she ends up exposing herself to whoever may be in the area.

My poor mother has already been flashed three times by our neighbor.

Here is the question:  Do we confront the neighbor and tell her that she is exposing her breasts every time she wipes her face?

I vote “yes,” but my mom votes “no.”

What do you think?  If this was your neighbor, what would you do?