Fraud Alert

What are the most common types of fraud or scams?

  • Guarantee High Yield 
  • Ponzi or Pyramid 
  • Risky Oil and Gas Drilling  
  • Cryptocurrency 
  • IRS Scam
  • Jury Duty Scam
  • Catfish or Sweetheart Scam

How can you protect yourself? 

  • Find out if they are a licensed securities professional 
  • Check them out with the SEC 
  • Never verify information via e-mail
  • Seek help from people you trust 
  • Report fraud 
  • Don’t answer calls from unknown numbers 
  • Don’t interact with unknown callers, just hangup 
  • Don’t connect to free wi-fi
  • Don’t use the same password for everything 
  • Don’t create a document called “Passwords”
  • Don’t click on links that look strange 
  • Don’t allow strangers access to your devices

What are some red flags?

  • Guaranteed to double your money 
  • Limited time offer, must act fast
  • Little known loop hole 
  • Low risk and high reward


Source:  Nick Vonderau, Marketing Specialist, Alabama Securities Commission, Caregiver College Presentation, 21 June 2019


Ferocious Rabbits

We live in a rural community, so it’s common for wild animals to wonder into our yard. This past week we had several rabbits come for a visit.

When the dogs see the rabbits, they immediately start barking and growling.   The rabbit runs off in fear and the dogs look rather pleased with themselves.

I feel safer now, knowing I can go into the front yard and not be attacked by ferocious bunny rabbits.  – Thanks Guys 🙂


Terrified of Failing

Having Gwen in my home is the greatest blessings I could ever receive.  It is also the biggest responsibility I’ve ever had and the most important thing in which I have ever been entrusted.  At times, I am literally terrified of failing as Gwen’s guardian.

  • What if I fail to warn her of all the dangers in the world?
  • What if I fail to teach her the skills she will need to be a functioning adult?
  • What if I fail to protect her from harm or from the evil of this world?
  • What if I fail to provide for all her needs:  physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational.
  • What if my desire to shield her from all harm and struggles actually prevents her form developing the strength she will need to survive when I am gone?

I am determined to do what is best for Gwen, but I am still terrified that I might fail.