I See Creepy People

There is something about certain people that I find creepy, but I can’t pinpoint why.

They might be dressed well, behave politely, and look normal.  However, my gut reaction is one of repulsion.  It’s as if I see something else inside of them.  Maybe they are hiding something from the world, and I am the only one that can see through the veil.

There is something about certain people that make me feel uneasy, and I don’t know why.



Lost Letter Experiment

I decided to replicate Stanley Milgram’s lost letter experiment to see what would happen.

I took ten envelopes, placed a couple sheets of paper inside, put my address on them, and put a stamp on them.

Next, I went around town and “lost” my letters.  One was “lost” in the bathroom at Walgreens and another one was “lost” at the Walmart parking lot.  I continued until all ten letters were “lost.”

Then I waited to see how many of my letters would come back to me.  Would someone find my letter and put in the mailbox or would my letter end up in a trashcan?

I am happy to report, I received 80% of my letters over the next few days.